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Cedrus - Cloud Native Consulting

Cloud Native

We Design and Build High Quality Cloud-Native Applications

We Design and Build High Quality Cloud-Native Applications

Our Cloud Native team executes on a business’s defined digital opportunities. By bringing together design-thinking and business architecture we build MVPs that consequently turn to broader enterprise rollouts.

We deploy Serverless, Containers (Docker & RKT), CloudFoundry by leveraging platforms like CloudFormation, Kubernetes, Ansible, and Puppet.

How we do it?

Apply Microservices Architecture Principles



Adhere to Agile Process



Master Javascript Frameworks

React, Angular, NodeJS, NativeScript

Maximize Velocity Using Pair and Extreme Programming


Increase Quality by Empowering Test Driven Development


Automate Everything Using DevOps Tools


Our Offerings

The Art of Possible

Bringing startup practices to large enterprises to deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) definition.

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Hello API Gateway

Design, prototype, test, implement, and deploy 5 APIs to AWS Lambda and API Gateway.

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Hello Lambda

Reduce operational and maintenance costs of projects by leveraging Lambda.

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Native Cloud App Security

A proven blueprint for a Cloud Native Application Security Framework

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Our Work

Digital Author Management System

A dashboard application to guide authors through the production and licensing of academic articles.

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Salesforce Micro-Apps

We helped a leading financial institution improve their customer service by extending their internal systems to Salesforce.

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Cedrus Labs

API Czar is a creation tool at enables your teams to generate and deploy best practice based APIs at the speed of light, reducing API development lifecycle from days, to minutes.

CodeSoju is an open source initiative that provides a set of standards, best practices and tools to help developers during all phases of the development lifecycle.

Our Partners



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